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10-03-2017 Parents Information Session

As you will be aware, there have been huge changes taking place recently which affect children with disabilities and SEN, and their families. Our Voice organised a Parents' Information session which took place on Friday 10th March, at the Dugdale Centre in Enfield. This event gave parents an exceptional opportunity to get the latest information from key Local Authority figures on important topics including Transport, Short Breaks, Health, Education and Educational Psychology Services, as well as the opportunity to pre-book one-to-one sessions with LA representatives to discuss individual issues affecting their children. 

You can download slides from each presentation,  and the slides of the briefing from Enfield's Director of Children's Services. 

Meet the Heads of SEND Services in Enfield

Our Voice were proud to present this unique opportunity to hear from the Heads of Departments responsible for the provision of SEND services in Enfield.

Education       Transport, Health      Short Breaks   

 EP Service     Early Years   Speech & Language

The event included:

  • Updates and Q&A sessions from the Heads of the Departments responsible for Transport, Education, the Joint Service for Disabled Children, Health, and Educational Psychology. This was an exceptional opportunity to hear from the very top, about the changes happening within these services in Enfield,
  • “Top Tips” from experts on how to communicate with your child,
  • An opportunity to book 1:1 sessions with professionals from any of these areas to discuss specific issues and concerns you may have.

Parents conference flyer - 10th March 2017 

21-02-2017 Secondary school transfer experience survey for parents of year 6 children

Our Voice is asking the parents of Year 6 children with SEND, living in Enfield, to complete a short survey about their experience of visiting secondary schools leading up to the year 7 transfer. The anonymised information will be shared with the Local Authority and used to make recommendations and highlight areas of good practice. The survey is very short and should only take around 5 minutes to complete. Please complete the survey here.

27-01-2017 Transport survey report

Please click on the link to find the Our Voice 'Transport Survey Report'. Our Voice collected data from parents/carers and 5 schools during the months of October and November 2016 in order to collect evidence on the quality and reliability of the Home to School Transport service. 


01-09-2016 Education Health & Care Plans: Helping to Plan your Child's Future, Together

Published on 24 May 2016

A film for parents of young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, explaining how the new Education Health and Care Plans (EHCP) process works, and what to expect.

01-09-2014 Enfield's Local Offer

The new approach to SEND places pupils at the centre of planning and re-inforces the idea of the whole school being accountable for their progress. To support our schools,  Enfield have created a project “Steering Group” which includes representatives from all areas such as Health, Education and Local Authority professionals as well as parent/carers and the voluntary sector. Through this project group, all aspects of the SEND reforms are being planned and developed. One of the project work streams is about the Local Authority providing a “Local Offer” - This provides all the information you need to know about in one place;

• Health

• Education

• Social Care

• Voluntary organisations

• Links to other boroughs

Click on the link below to go to Enfield's Local Offer:


17-07-2014 SEND Reforms

The Children & Families Act introduces the biggest changes to the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) system for 30 years for Local Authorities, NHS and Schools. The new system will start from 1 September 2014.

To download a brochure showing the details of the changes click here.