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Fazilla Amide — Chair

[photo Fazille Amida]I have a 15-year-old son, Kareem, who has complex additional needs. He has a missing piece of a chromosome which has resulted in a number of health issues as well as global developmental delay. He is also on the autistic spectrum. He attends West Lea School, which he loves.

I am very busy as I work part-time as a Change Management/Business Transformation consultant. I’m also a Parent Trainer for Enfield’s Joint Service for Disabled Children and Our Voice, running self-help/support workshops for parents of children with additional needs. I’m also a Sleep Practitioner helping families with children with special needs get better sleep.

I decided to join the Our Voice management team because I want to make a difference! Disability rights have been improving over the years and this has only been achieved through the hard work and campaigning of many parents, carers, families and adults with additional needs. And in Enfield, we can do the same!

I was born in Enfield (though my family are from Mauritius which is a lovely island in the Indian Ocean). I love being in Enfield. It is so multi-cultural, it's really exciting and varied. And it’s great to go out and get away from it all, whether it's going to the lovely parks or to Epping Forest. And so it’s important we help ensure that services for our children are the best they can be too.

Through the important work that Our Voice does in Enfield, we can continue to campaign, lobby and influence to keep the focus on making things even better. Through involvement with Our Voice, I want to improve the lives of both the children with additional needs as well as their families. We need to work together with the professional services who support us, as well as others in the voluntary sector, to influence them and provide important insights into our world, helping them really understand what it’s like to be in our shoes, so they can better plan to meet our needs, particularly in this tough economic climate.

Improvements are continually needed — particularly the speed of responsiveness of the Service Providers in Enfield many of which are under-resourced. They are all working in the right direction and want to improve things, but they will continually need to adapt and respond to our ever-changing needs. In light of the new SEND reforms within the Children and Families Act, we have an excellent opportunity to all work together, even more, to improve all our lives.

Seema Islam


Khilna Gudhka Coordinator