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08-11-2023 Choosing a Primary School for children with additional needs

Are you trying to choose a primary school for your child with additional needs?

Our Voice Parent Forum is hosting two Zoom information sessions for parents and carers, in conjunction with Enfield SENDIASS and the SEN Team. The first session has already taken place, but you can still book a place for our session on Monday 13th November. 

These sessions will look at how to choose a primary school for children with additional needs, and expressing your preferences for children who have Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs). We will talk about what the process is, how you can get information about primary schools and what to look out for when making decisions. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions, in advance and also as part of the session.

Book your place for Monday 13th Nov from 1– 2.30 pm here 

See our event flyer here  for more information

If your child was born between 1 September 2019 and 31 August 2020, you will need to apply for a primary school place by 15th January 2024, ready for your child to start reception class in September 2024. This workshop will be particularly useful for parents of children in this age group, but you may also wish to attend if your child is a year or so younger, so you can start thinking about the choice of school early.

The presentation from these sessions can be seen here.

Key information and dates: 

  • For children with an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP), the deadline for confirming your preference is 30th November 2023. You will be advised of the name of the school the LA is proposing to name in Section 1 of the EHCP on 15th February 24. 
  • For children without an ECHP applications must be submitted by 15th January 2024. School places will be offered on 16th April 24 and you will have until 30th April 24 to accept the place offered. 
  • Open days are taking place during November and December – check with individual schools for dates
  • You can see more information about the standard process (including options to defer for summer-born children here and in this booklet.
  • This booklet sets out the processes for children with an EHCP
  • This booklet gives information about all special schools and other specialist provisions in Enfield. 

Let us know about your experiences 

We would really like to hear about your experiences when looking at primary schools this year, for your child with additional needs. 

We know that all schools are meant to be inclusive for children with Disabilities and Special Needs – but is that the reality? Did you feel that your child would be welcomed and supported at the schools you visited and spoke to, or were you discouraged (whether actively or more subtly) from sending your child to that school?

Please let us know about your experiences (both good and bad) by completing the short survey here

It should only take around 5 minutes to do. To thank you for your time we will randomly select 3 survey entries to receive a £20 Amazon voucher (see survey page for details).

Thank you! 

Other information and resources

You may also find it useful to look at these resources for preparing to start primary school.

Enfield Communication Advisory Support Service (ECASS) Rising to Reception programme is aimed at parents and carers of children with communication difficulties. There is a booklet showing this year's programme of events (running November 23 to July24) which you can sign up to attend. The website has lots of useful information about starting primary school including a range of presentations from last year’s events.

Information about starting school on the Contact website here 

Family Corner – starting school

SENsational Tutors – Big ideas for little learners transitioning to big school

NCCA – Suggested transition activities for moving from preschool to primary

TTS Group – 9 top tips for managing transition from nursery to school