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20-12-2021 Priority at vaccination centres for clinically vulnerable and carers

Individuals who are clinically vulnerable (including Autistic children and young people and those with Learning Difficulties) and their carers can get priority at vaccination centres and avoid long queues. 

This is likely to be useful both if you are taking your child/young person for vaccination and know that they may have difficulties in waiting in the queue, or if you are going alone to get your own vaccination and will find it difficult to leave them with anyone else for a long time.

The Department of Health and Social Care have agreed that anyone who has current caring commitments or who is Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (including Autism and LD) can use the letter here to get priority at vaccination centres. 

If you can, we would recommend that you print the letter off and take it to your appointment or walk-in clinic or otherwise save it to a device that you will have with you (e.g. your mobile phone). 

We hope that this makes it easier for you and your children to get your vaccinations.